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Once you’ve pared-down your furniture, take time to rearrange your space. Moving just one piece of furniture, such as a table, can make a big difference in how a space feels. Rearranging furniture and employing double duty will help maximize your furniture’s potential. Move chairs toward the walls to open up the room for a dance floor. Cluster your seating so guests can converse while sitting. Set your coffee table against the wall and use it as a buffet table. You can even place a few pillows or a plush rug on the ground for seating and turn that coffee table into a dining table.

Combining and repurposing end tables as snack and drink stations or as a place for party favors frees other surfaces for activities like board games or playing cards. Place waste bins and shoes under tables for extra floor space. Your shower rod can double as a coat rack (if it’s sturdy enough). Get creative and experiment with different arrangements to make your space feel like an entirely different room.

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